Alexis Farrington Jewelry

simple . sensible . stylish



Alexis Farrington collections embody a simple, sensible, stylish, yet affordable, look that goes along with the designer's easy-to-wear, personal style. Whether you’re looking to add a little sparkle or a little bit of edge to your outfit, Alexis Farrington’s clean lines and modern designs offer something for everyone.


Growing up in Vancouver, Alexis explored her creative talents starting at a young age when she took programs that taught her basic jewelry-making, soldering, and casting skills. She later expanded her jewelry knowledge by taking jewelry courses at Vancouver Community College and then decided to launch her own collection online in 2015.


Alexis' connection to Vancouver inspired her to name her collections after Vancouver street names.  Some have a direct connection with her to the specific street, and some have a significance in Vancouver, giving each one of her pieces a historical flair! Check out her stories on the product pages for each collection.


From precious metals to base metals, you’ll find day to evening jewelry at every price point!